Classified no more- class actions in Scottish personal injury claims?

Many of our fans will recognize with the concept of a class action thanks to Julia Roberts and John Travolta, in 90s hit films Erin Brockovich and A Civil Action. A class action is one where a group of claimants have the exact same complaint, for instance, a disease triggered by hazardous chemicals in the supply of water.

Class actions do not yet exist in Scotland, however suggestions from the Scottish Law Commission to introduce this kind of procedure to the Scottish Courts are being thought about by the Scottish Government.

Class actions may benefit those making claims in regard of defective items, since these claims on a regular basis have typical problems.  The English Courts have utilized this procedure to great impact in cases alleging defective products, ranging from metal on metal hip implants and PIP breast implants to motor vehicles, cosmetics, toys as well as McDonald s coffee cups!

From the claimant s point of view, the primary benefit to signing up with a class action is that unity is strength. The largest class action (or group lawsuits) so far in England included over 4,000 plaintiffs who suffered burns from chemicals in leather sofas.

Our specialist product liability group dealt with a number of the Scottish leather sofa cases, and through the well established networks we have with the English lawyers leading the group litigation, we had the ability to make sure that the Scottish plaintiffs achieved a successful outcome If you want to be well informed at the time please consult read full article .

Property owner dismissed from injury suit

The owner of property where an Athens restaurant lies has been dismissed from a lawsuit that arised from a fall at the restaurant.

Robert Mattey of Chauncey filed the suit Oct. 30 in Athens County Common Pleas Court versus The Shade Restaurant on East State Street, also calling property owner Southeastern Ohio Management Co. as a defendant.

In the suit, Mattey seeks in excess of $25,000 because of injuries he got in 2014 when he slipped and fell in the dining establishment s bathroom. Feel free to contact visit here for more advice. Mattey claims the fall was brought on by the dining establishment s neglect.

Mattey has dismissed Southeastern Ohio Management Co. as an offender. The notification submitted by his attorney does not state a reason for the dismissal.

As The Messenger previously reported, among Southeastern Ohio Management Co. s arguments versus the claim was that the company was not in possession or control of the dining establishment at the time of the event.

The owner of the dining establishment, Fiverings LLC, remains an offender and has denied any misdeed.

Immoral accident lawyers try to cash in on Jesy Nelson s injured wrist with unappetizing tweet

A PERSONAL injury law practice has used Jesy Nelson s recent injury to attract business.


The Little Mix vocalist sustained an injury to her arm, compeling her to wear a wrist brace simply days after the band’s Get Weird Tour kicked off.

JS Miller Solicitors shamelessly decided to use the event to their benefit and tweeted: #LittleMix #JesyNelson shows bandaged arm after injury …

The move from the firm, which typically uses current news stories to promote their services, is likely to be thought about unsavory as it is aiming to gain from another person s misery.